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Minimal intervention
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Utvrditi uzrok, sprečiti karijes, popravka biološki prihvatljivim materijalima. MINIMALNA INTERVENCIJA

Minimal intervention

The essence of modern stomatology

  1. Determine the risk factors for diseases of teeth and gums (food, hygiene, genetics ...) for each patient separately.
  2. Prevent the occurrence of new faults by applying special preparations for teeth strengthening and modern hygiene techniques.
  3. Fix the teeth with modern bioactive, so-called “smart” materials that protect themselves from new cavities, which significantly improves dental health.

In contrast to that, the traditional approach treats only the symptoms, but not the causes of the disease, which leaves the patients with lower teeth quality unprotected and forced to have their teeth treated and changed over and over again.
This way, the patient has an opportunity to put the state of his teeth under control and to get a permanent feeling of healthy teeth with minimal effort.

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