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Dental tourism

Dental tourism has become increasingly important sector of tourism because of high-class services that meet the highest European standards, with significantly lower prices in relation to the countries of Western Europe.

Ristić family has two offices, one in Belgrade and one in Bačko Gradište.

Read more about Belgrade’s position, history and tourist sights on the following link.

When you are in Belgrade, Ristić office takes care of everything – starting with the arrival place, till the treatment completion and departure.

To foreign patients, who would find it interesting to stay in peaceful surroundings and experience Serbian rural tourism, we offer accommodation in our exclusive mansion in Bačko Gradište, with another office, also equipped by the contemporary standards of MI dentistry..
To see where Bačko Gradište is and more about its beautiful surroundings, check out this link.

We organize the transport from Belgrade to Bačko Gradište, by our vehicle.

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