Privacy Policy

I. Introduction

The publisher and the owner of the website (hereinafter: the “Site”) is Luka Ristić, preduzetnik, Ordinacija dentalne medicine dr Ristić, with its registered office in Bečej, Miloša Crnjanskog 53,Bečej. Registration number 56582231 (here and after also as: “dr Ristić”, “We”, “Us”, “Our”), also the Controller.
The Site is a webpage whereby provides information about products and services that Dr Ristić offers.
User of the Site or in general, the services of Dr Ristić, is a natural person located in the Republic of Serbia or another jurisdiction who in any manner, both directly and indirectly, uses or has used, accesses or has accessed the Site or used the services (hereinafter: the “User”).

II. General

This Privacy Policy regulates the terms and conditions concerning the handling practice regarding the User’s personal data and explains methods of collecting, processing and protection of personal data.
We know how much privacy and personal data protection is important to Our Users and therefore We want to be clear on Our collecting, use and storage of personal data.
This Privacy Policy is applicable to any webpage under the Site or to any access of services provided via the Site, regardless of whether the Users use computer, smartphone, tablet or any other device for the access.
By accessing and/or using any part of the Site, the Users express their consent with the terms and conditions presented here and acknowledge that they have read, understood and that they accept and agree to be bound by all the terms of this Privacy Policy.
The right of use of this Site is a personal right of the User that cannot be transferred in any way to other natural or legal persons.
The User is personally responsible for the protection of passwords, where they exist as such.
The User is acquainted with the fact that sometimes there are technical issues during normal operation of the Internet network which can cause an interruption of services or other events that are beyond Dr Ristić’s control and for which reason it is not responsible for any loss of data that can occur during the transmission of information on the Internet or any other event that can occur during the provision of Dr Ristić’s services.

III. How do We Collect Data?

We collect the User’s data when the User sends it or allows Us to use it. For example, via the form on the Site, by e-mail, by phone, or by other form through which the User can contact Us.

IV. Which Data do We Collect?

In order for Us to respond to specific User inquiries, to personalize the content for the User, adjust advertising messages in accordance with the interests or behavior of the User and to improve User experience in general, We collect the following data:
The personal data that the User provides directly and that We collect via the Site’s forms, by e-mail, or by phone (including data concerning health for opening a dental record):
– Name;
– Surname;
– Name of one parent;
– Gender;
– Address;
– City;
– Postal Code;
– State;
– Telephone number;
– Mobile phone number;
– E-mail address;
– Date of birth;
– Employment status;
– Qualification;
– Any other personal data User wishes to provide within the message through the Site.
Data about the User’s use of the Site, including the data about devices and systems through which the User accesses the Site like type of device, type of operating system, internet browser, IP address, pixels and other data concerning the systems with which the User accesses the Site;
Statistical logs data which, through use of cookies, tracks User’s behaviour on the Site, diagnostic and analytic data, data about the User’s course and steps on the Site. Likewise, they include information and data about User’s activity and interaction with the Site, which We use to better understand the needs of Users or possible problems with the purpose of improving User experience on the Site. You can read more about how We use the data stored in cookies here;
Other data which We can collect about the User, about his/her use of the Site or his/her use of Our services and which type and method of collecting will be explained at the place where they’re collected and will be processed with the User’s consent. The User can refuse to provide certain personal data, but that could have an effect on the possibilities of use of certain services. The User is obliged to provide certain data, and Dr Ristić is obliged to process them according to the Law on Personal Data Protection (Zakon o zaštiti podataka o ličnosti, “Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia”, no. 87/2018) (hereinafter: the “Law”) and the Law on Health Care (Zakon o zdravstvenoj zaštiti, “Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia”, no. 25/2019) (hereinafter: the “Law on Health Care”).

V. Which Data do We Collect?

Personal data obtained from the User can be used for the following purposes:
Regarding the use of Our services, i.e. the possibilities of responding to Users’ specific inquiries;
In order to make contact regarding therapeutic procedures, which can include personal data processing for the purpose of drafting a therapy plan or offer;
In order to improve general User experience on the Site, to understand the Users’ wishes and needs and to improve Our services;
In order to provide more relevant advertisement, i.e. to deliver adverts that are in accordance with the Users’ interests or are based on the Users’ behavior and activity on the Site;
To send promotional notices by e-mail, like notices of special offers, patient benefits, discounts and educational materials;
For analytic and statistical processing in order to better understand how the Users use Our services and Site;
To research and analyze the market and clients in order to understand the market needs better and find out more about Our clients so We can offer them the most relevant communication and better service in general;
For the necessary processing obligatory under the Law on Health Care and other regulations.

VI. How do We Store Data?

We store Users’ data on Our own servers located in the Republic of Serbia.
We store and process only that personal data and from those Users which have given personal consent for their processing and for purposes that do not fall out of scope of the purposes mentioned in this Privacy Policy. In case of exceptional storage and data processing that falls out of scope of this Privacy Policy, the User will be notified prior to such case. Personal data privacy protection is permanent and We undertake all protection measures of the data in question in accordance with the Law.
We store data only for so long as is necessary for the purpose for which it was collected, or as required under the applicable law.
For more information about where and for how long Users’ data is stored please contact Us at

VII. How do We Protect Users’ Personal Data?

We take Users’ personal data and its protection seriously and permanently apply corresponding technical, organisational and personnel measures in order to protect all personal data that We collect.
We have undertaken a series of measures for the purpose of personal data protection:
The use of safe and reliable servers to store data;
Careful and responsible choice of processing performers and signing data protection contracts with data processors, where applicable;
Notification to employees on the importance of confidentiality, maintaining security and privacy and the conduct regarding the Users’ personal data.
We will not deliver, transfer or provide Users’ personal data to third parties. Exceptionally, We can deliver data to a third party if it is necessary to protect the User’s vital interests, obligatory by law, necessary for the purpose of legal proceedings, expressly requested by the User or necessary to respond to his/her request.
Personal data for which the basis or consent to process does not exist anymore can be kept for the purposes of statistics or the keeping of communication history, but We will not process the data in question in any way and We will safeguard them from any unauthorised access or use.
It must be noted that, regardless of the measures of personal data protection We have undertaken, no web site, electronic transfer, computer network or wireless network are completely safe.

VIII. What are Users’ Rights With Regard to Personal Data?

The User can exercise his/her rights regarding the personal data processing at any given moment. Those rights imply:
the right to be informed;
the right of access of personal data and the purposes of their processing;
the right to request the rectification of personal data;
the right to request the erasure of personal data;
the right to request the restriction of processing;
the right to object to processing;
the right to data portability;
the right to withdraw consent at any time, without affecting the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal;
the right to lodge a complaint before the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection;
The User can exercise his/her rights by sending a message at or through the contact number +381 (0) 642012388.

IX. Amendments to the Privacy Policy

Dr Ristić retains the right to amend or abolish any segment of its business including, and without limitations, availability period, content as well as equipment necessary to access or use the Site. Likewise, Dr Ristić can stop sending information or a part of the information, can change or cancel any mode of data transmission, and can change data transmission speeds, as well as any other of their characteristics.
Dr Ristić retains the right to, if it deems it necessary, at any moment and without prior notice, abolish or amend any provision of hereby mentioned Privacy Policy. If the Privacy Policy is amended and the User continues to use Our services or the web site, it shall be considered that he/she agrees to the amended Privacy Policy. Any eventual amendment or annulment of the Privacy Policy comes into effect towards third parties immediately after its publication on Any User’s use of the Site in question, besides familiarising himself/herself with the amendments to the Privacy Policy after such amendments have been made shall be considered as agreeing to them.
We encourage every User to carefully read the Privacy Policy, as well as all other provisions in order to find out the procedure regarding his/her personal data every time he/she uses Our services or the Site.
It is important that the User follows all updates to this Privacy Policy and other provisions regarding the use of the Site and services. Even though We are not obliged to, We can inform Users about particular amendments to this Privacy Policy by publication or by sending an e-mail. The newest version of this Privacy Policy shall always be available here and the User can check the date of amendment in order for him/her to know when the last update was.

X. Contact Us

In case you have any questions regarding personal data protection or processing, please contact Us at or at the address Miloša Crnjanskog 53, 21220 Bečej, The Republic of Serbia.
In case you believe that with regards to your data We do not act in accordance with the Law and if this cannot be resolved in cooperation with Us, you can file a complaint to the competent authority – Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection (Poverenik za informacije od javnog značaja i zaštitu podataka o ličnosti)
15, Bulevar kralja Aleksandra Street, Belgrade 11120.