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The Ristić family has worked in the field of medicine for more than a hundred years, specializing in dental medicine since 1962. Knowledge and experience have been passed down for generations. Our dental services keep up with the current global standards through the application of state-of-the-art technology and continuous improvement.

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We do our best to encompass all aspects of the patients’ general and oral health alike. We strive to create a bigger picture, including eating habits, hygiene, possible fears of dental surgery – and we use this to adjust suggested treatments accordingly. We also take financial means into consideration in order to get results acceptable in terms of esthetics, finances and durability. As of 2007, we have been applying the MI treatment plan.

Our work ethic and priorities include: honest communication with our patients, painless treatments, precision, awareness, and patient education.

Patient Communication

is the basis for achieving mutual understanding and trust. We try to be actively attentive and understanding of our patients, to give them enough time and reassure them that solving their problems is our top priority. This is the foundation for building a good relationship, and the confidence that we are working in their best interest. Through conversations, we gain insight into their wishes and circumstances – as such, we create
the best treatment plan together.

We want to afford every patient the necessary education to improve their oral and dental hygiene according to the modern MI treatment plan, as well as to raise awareness of the possibilities of modern treatments.

Painless Treatment

is priority! It is crucial in making the patient feel safe at a dental office.

The biggest obstacle in maintaining dental health is the fear of pain. Nowadays, a painful procedure is entirely unacceptable, because there are methods of completely painless procedures. The doctor plays a very important role in overcoming fear of dental work, by being understanding and helping the patient overcome the obstacles and establish trust.


in work is exceptionally important and it contributes to the results we’re after. We use a dental microscope in every procedure (Carl Zeiss Eye Mag Pro S), and in that field, Dr. Luka Ristić has an innovative patent pending.


in choosing the appropriate treatment is an aspect we pay special attention to. Using animated software and virtual design, we have an easier time explaining the problems and potential solutions, which is the first and the most important step in which patients themselves have a say in their treatment, according to their wishes, requirements, and circumstances. The video software helps the patient:

    • see what is causing the issue right on the screen
    • talk with the doctor about the best possible solution
    • see the direct result of the treatment
Educating Patients

about their health and how to maintain and improve it is vital. The reason why people at large have numerous dental issues and fear of dentists is insufficient information.

Our patients can use our office’s website, our waiting room’s video presentations, as well as the software and cameras we use during the appointment to gain insight into how to improve their dental hygiene in an efficient, contemporary way.

You can receive all information by calling our number and emailing us during work hours. Informing patients of appointments is regularly done through automated SMS messages on the day of the appointment; they are also informed about the six-month mark since their last check-up.

Our team

dr Luka Ristić


Doctor of Dental Medicine since 2003. As of 2005, he is the head of the family practice dr Ristić. As of 2007, an associate of GC Europe group, evaluating dental equipment. Areas of interest: esthetic, prosthetic, and conservative restoration within the framework of the modern MI treatment plan. He deals with professional innovation and he has a patent pending for innovating the Carl Zeiss surgical magnifying glasses.

Dora Ristić

office manager

  • Graduated at the Faculty of Philology, department of Norwegian language and English language, Cluj-Napoca (Romania), 2005
  • IT Support, Genpact, Bucharest, 2006
  • Marketing Assistant, Armature SA, Cluj-Napoca, 2007
  • Dental Lab Manager, TANDRAO, Cluj-Napoca, 2008 – 2010
  • Dental Office and Lab Manager of Ristić dental office, 2010 – present.


Our Associates

Oral Surgery:
Prof. dr Milan Petrović

Medical doctor, dentist, maxillofacial surgery specialist, tenured professor of the Faculty of Dental Medicine at Belgrade University.
(from ABDENTAL office)

dr Jevto Lukić

Dentist, oral surgery specialist
(from DENTALSMILE office)

Prof. dr Vladimir Ristić

Dentist, jaw orthodontics specialist, tenured professor of the Faculty of Dental Medicine at the Kragujevac University.
(from Orthoart office)