Guarantee of quality – dental prosthetics and dental implants

It is up to the doctor to help the patient reach the best and most acceptable solution. Quality work spells out durability and permanence. New MI concept enables us to solve old challenges in innovative ways, with better quality and with it, durability. This is why we are able to give a special guarantee for dental services.
Refund, repeated procedure or both, as well as additional interventions, are possible with the following:


There is a five-year guarantee for prosthetics, crowns and veneers. Guarantee includes replacement of the crown, fabricated in our office, with a crown of the same type – in case of a larger fracture of the ceramics close to the metal or in the case of a broken bridge.

Guarantee doesn’t include free replacement of the crown if the patient subsequently changes mind about color or shape of the crown, after the crown had already been fixated.

Guarantee is valid if the patient comes to checkups regularly every six months and submits control orthopantomography image at times scheduled in the individual treatment plan.


There is a lifetime guarantee on implants.

Implant guarantee program:

In the case your implant is unfastened and must be removed, a new implant will be placed and a crown made, cost free. If the ceramics breaks on the crown (on the implant), crown will be replaced without cost.

If an implant without prosthetic addition is lost, implant is replaced cost free for the patient, as far as the prerequisites for an implant still stand (quality and quantity of the bone). If this isn’t the case, part of the bone will be rebuilt or a new prosthetic plan will be made.

In order to keep the guarantee valid, the following must be accepted:
    • You will permit us to conduct the necessary treatment in order to eliminate your dental health problems and reconstruct the bite, if there are irregularities with it.
    • If it is established that you grind your teeth, a splint will be made for you to wear at night.
    • You will come to regular checkups and removal of soft and hard buildup. Recommendations regarding oral hygiene and diet must be adhered to – this is a key factor of long lasting dental health.
    • You will note smoke. Implant guarantee is not valid for smokers.

If you agree and accept terms and conditions of this guarantee, it will be valid during your lifetime. However, if you break any of the terms and conditions listed above, guarantee is no longer valid.

Success depends on your cooperation. As a result, we will be more than happy to offer you a lifetime guarantee for implants carrying single crowns.

Note: Lifetime guarantee cannot be offered for implants carrying overdentures or for implants carrying fixed bridges. Such prosthetics require replacement of teeth worn down over time. Replacement of the teeth in such cases doesn’t require removal or replacement of the implant.