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In recent years, there has been a significant improvement and development regarding materials in dental medicine. Their advantage is in their potential to adapt to various local changes in their environment, as well as the ability to mimic natural tooth structure.


Teeth repair

Gum treatment



Teeth repair

Minimum Intervention is a new way of looking at the cause of teeth damage and an innovative approach of treatment using so-called SMART (Silver Modified Atraumatic Restorative Technique) fillings. MI has three basic directions:
  1. Identifying tooth decay risk factors
  2. Removing or minimizing risk factors
  3. Remineralising and reconstruction of tooth enamel


Processes of demineralisation and remineralisation take turns in the mouth. Demineralisation is the process during which tooth damage appears. Acids in food and harmful bacteria damage the enamel. Process of remineralisation is the opposite – it happens when the minerals repair the damaged structure. When the process of demineralisation prevails, tooth decay appears.



Today, we have new biocompatible materials to solve this problem with, such as EQUIA GC, which actively gets involved into this balance releasing calcium, fluoride and hydroxide ions, when PH values inside the mouth around the teeth drop below the critical 5.5. Furthermore, they can bind the fluoride from the paste and solution and make reserves.

SMART fillings also attach themselves to teeth edges more firmly, decreasing tooth decay occurrence under the filling, which is the most common cause of tooth filling replacement.

Find out more about SMART dental medicine in our blog.


Gum Treatment

Bleeding while brushing your teeth, blood stains on the apple when you take a bite, bad breath, numb pain, itching around the teeth, irregularities in teeth layout, loose teeth – all of these are a sure sign of a gum disease called parodontopathy. Even one of these signs calls for a dental examination.

Parodontopathy is a disease of gums, bone surrounding the tooth and the ligament holding the teeth in place. This disease destroys mentioned tissue, leading eventually to teeth loss. This is a slow advancing disease and the tissue surrounding the teeth is gradually damaged. Main causes of periodontal diseases are dental plaque microorganisms, in addition to bad oral hygiene, smoking, inadequate prosthetics and fillings, as well as some general diseases and medical conditions.

Goal of parodontopathy treatment is eliminating the microorganisms, by carefully maintaining the hygiene and professional removal of the hard buildup around the teeth. Initial phase (gingivitis) is entirely reversed by removing of the buildup and calculus and advising the patient about how to maintain better oral hygiene.

Advanced stages, characterized by periodontal pockets and bone loss, require more complex treatment.

Novelty of the SMART concept is in the way it prevents effects of pathogenic bacteria on the teeth – in an innovative way. Difference of approach is that now the pathogenic bacteria are disinfected by populating the mouth with numerous nonpathogenic bacteria.

Natural lactic acid bacteria, Lactobacillus reuteri (Prodentis) are initially extracted from a person in good oral health, who doesn’t have gum or tooth decay problem. Each tablet contains at least 200 million live Lactobacillus reuteri bacteria which outnumber pathogenic bacteria in the mouth. This is how the harmful effect to the teeth and mucous membrane is prevented in a smart way.

Use has been clinically tested in more than 20 scientific studies and is safe for children,
adults, older people and pregnant women.


How to prevent tooth decay and improve the quality of your teeth

Active remineralisation can be promoted with additional use of MI Paste GC.

Properties and advantages of Tooth Mousse, containing 900 ppm of unique, patented form of fluoride:

  • Mitigates pH changes in plaque
  • Prevents adhesion and reproduction of S. Mutans and Sobrinus bacteria
  • Remineralises early enamel lesions and makes the enamel more resilient
  • Optimizes transfer and intake of fluoride by the enamel

Flavours: strawberry, vanilla, mint, melon, mixed fruit

Crème isn’t available in pharmacies, it can be provided by our office.


If you’d like to find out more about how this crème helps better tooth structure, read about
it at the GC EUROPE website and take look at the animated movie:


Find out more about the new approach in dental medicine MINIMAL INTERVENTION


Smart toothbrush for smart teeth brushing

Četkica za zube Oral B PRO 500, “pametna” četkica za zube koja daje povratnu informaciju o individualnoj tehnici pranja.


Toothbrush is equipped with sensors that detect its position and orientation. It gives information about individual brushing technique – in several brushing zones. Toothbrush actually maps the mouth in 3D during brushing, helping to brush easily overlooked areas. If there is too much pressure on the sensor, the handle vibrates, warning that it is necessary to decrease the pressure.

Smart toothbrush only needs to be led to the right places and it will do the rest on its own.