Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry
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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry is most efficient if used as a method of prevention. Good habits can be established at an early age, reducing the risk of tooth decay to a minimum.




Dear parents, this page is for you.

Importance of early dental exam for children cannot be stressed enough. Preferably, in the moment when no intervention is needed at all.

Help us develop confidence and instill a lifetime of good habits in your children, by giving them positive experiences in the dental office.


First appointment should be scheduled between the ages of two and three, so the child gradually gets acquainted and builds trust. Preferably, a first visit would be just to get to know each other and not to solve a problem. It is up to the dentist to make this first contact pleasant for the child, by assuming a kind and unobtrusive attitude.

Regular checkups are usually every six months, more often if the child is at a higher risk of tooth decay. These checkups are important so the small patients would be motivated to take care of their teeth.

A powerful ally in this is the new MI concept that makes our work significantly easier, pointing out clear guidelines and equipment that guarantee success. MI or Minimal Intervention is a modern approach to treating tooth decay. Following is important:

    • To identify tooth decay risk factors
    • To eliminate or minimize risk factors
    • To remineralise and reconstruct tooth enamel

In practical terms:

  1. Checkup establishes that the child drinks coca-cola every day. Several points of decay are detected, as well as local discoloration of teeth. Plaque test shows poor oral hygiene.
  2. We advise quitting soft drinks and treat the demineralisation spots with MI paste. Defects are corrected with suitable material (e.g. EQUIA Forte GC). Oral hygiene is corrected with the use of xylitol chewing gums. Checkup is scheduled in three months time.

This approach gives a sense of security – control over your oral health can be regained in a very simple way.